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Work at Home - The Best of both Worlds

Have you ever thought about writing your own "How To" book?
But then you thought you couldn't do it, didn't know what to write about, or didn't know where to start. "Make Your Knowledge Sell" (MYKS) provides do-able solutions for every single hesitation, for every single person, no matter how Net-savvy (or not!).


This is a great site with lots of resources for the Work at Home Mom.

Do you have an idea for a product that you would like to sell online but aren't sure if it will sell?

Find out how to 'Make Your Site Sell'

Get Your Business Online

What kinds of businesses should get online?

Any business that can
  • deliver its product electronically.
  • deliver its product by mail.
  • benefit from advertising outside their local area.

Why should my business get online?

  • your competition is online.
  • it is a very inexpensive way to test advertising.
  • it is a very inexpensive way to reach a very large market.

How can you help me get online?

Get you set up with your own domain name and virtual server.
Design your web site.
Write custom CGI programs for an interactive web site.
Promote your web site online.
Maintain your web site.

Do you find all of this very confusing?

Don't worry - I can help you out there, too.

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