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Archived 25 April 2000
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Sonya Haskins is the full-time stay-at-home mom of Sarah, Micah and Christopher. She also writes magazine articles and is working on her first book. Sonya welcomes comments from readers and constantly seeks to meet new moms to interview for the book.

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I've been thinking a lot about Corinthians lately. Specifically where Paul discusses how each Christian is like a different part of the body of Christ. I think motherhood is a bit like this.

Let's say that all moms who stay at home with their children were good at sewing. They would spend a good portion of their free time sewing, teach their children sewing techniques, and they might even eventually start home businesses as seamstresses.

Let's say that these homemakers were the hands of the homemaking world. If ALL homemakers were seamstresses, where would our eyes, mouths, ears, hearts, and the rest of the body be? We would only have hands.

I consider myself a writer (some agreement is appreciated here). Perhaps that is a combination of heart and mouth. I not only see that as one of my roles for Christ, but also as a homemaker. My friends say that I'm an encourager. That also is heart and mouth, whether verbal or in writing. I believe that God would have me encourage other homemakers because He wants them to know that He is there for them always.

Frequently I receive e-mail from moms asking about home businesses. The most frequent requests involve questions about stuffing envelopes or selling some product. These messages may come from people who are gourmet cooks, writers, excellent organizers, pet lovers, "babysitters," and others who already have great gifts that could be used as home businesses. They would make money and use their heart and soul for the things it was wired to do.

Whether it's for a home business or simply the way we spend all our time as homemakers, we frequently look for the easiest way to get through our lives with the smallest amount of investment. I'm so glad that Jesus didn't look at us that way when it was time for him to die on the cross. He could have listened to the temptation of Satan and taken the easy way out. He could have denied the cross. Instead he did what he came to this earth to do. He did his part. He fulfilled his purpose.

How many of us are fulfilling our purpose? Are you trying to teach a Sunday School class because all the other moms take a turn or has God called you to be a teacher? As a homemaker with the gift of writing, do you write notes of encouragement to other moms? If God has called you to be ears for Christ, do you listen to other moms when they are talking with you? Has God given you the gift of leadership and are you actually organizing that playgroup that has been in discussion for months?

Moms at home have gifts just like everyone else. We all can't have the same gifts. It would be ridiculous and useless if we did. Are you using your gift as a homemaker for your family, other moms, and Christ? Or are you forfeiting your own special gifts because you covet someone else's gift rather than your own? Do you make excuses about not having time, energy, or insight? There are many excuses we can create, but the fact is that there are two types of people in this world; those with gifts and those who actually use them.

P.S. I've been greatly convicted lately on this subject as I haven't been spending as much time writing as I know I should. God has impressed upon my heart the need for the homemakers book, yet I've found other ways to spend my time. Please pray that I will know what to say and how to say it. Also, the publisher wants to hear from moms out there who are interested in seeing this book in print. Please send me an e-mail about looking forward to a book such as the one I'm writing for homemakers. I am compiling these to send to the publisher to show the genuine interest - in other words, they want to know if the book will sell. Thanks for your e-mails and prayers.

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