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A Homemaker's Cottage (Tenth Issue) by Sonya Haskins.
Featured 19 May 1999 and archived 14 June 1999
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Sonya Haskins is the full-time stay-at-home mom of Sarah, Micah and Christopher. She also writes magazine articles and is working on her first book. Sonya welcomes comments from readers and constantly seeks to meet new moms to interview for the book.

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In January I went to the doctor for a sinus infection. She told me that I did have a sinus infection and that she thought I was pregnant! The urine test didn't lie since my belly is now swollen as our five-month-old child grows inside me. Although my husband and I were elated, our initial concerns revolved around the fact that all our "extra" money was being spent on medical bills for our son and our car had no more room for car seats.

I decided to take a few months "off" from my professional activities so I stopped writing or doing my other home business. This was a difficult decision, but my family is more important to me and I wanted to try to get Micah well and help my own body "grow" the new baby. I appreciate the comments I've continued to receive from you all who enjoy the column. I'm sorry I've been away for the first part of the year.

To show how God answers prayers, however, my husband and I discussed our car dilemma. He wanted to buy a new minivan, but I told him there was no way we could afford a car payment. It's difficult enough making ends meet, especially with me cutting back on my home employment income. My proposal was that we pray either to win a new minivan or that someone would be willing to trade a van for our dependable and well-kept Saturn. One week later God answered our prayers and we began discussing trade options with someone. All this was finalized the day before our daughter's third birthday when we went to pick up "her" new minivan.

I have also been blessed not to be sick through this pregnancy like I was with our son. Actually, other than being tired, I have felt great since February, when I finally got rid of the sinus infection. That has been helpful since Micah has continued to have medical problems one after another.

Finally, God has answered our prayers for Micah - that he would begin to heal. We really aren't comfortable with a lot of medication and only take it when truly indicated. However, we finally agreed to put Micah on antibiotics for 4 to 6 weeks nonstop to clear up his sinus and upper respiratory infections. After a little over four weeks of medicine nonstop morning and night, we apprehensively took him off. Since last summer he hasn't made it more than two days without becoming sick again so I am pleased to say that it has been three weeks and the sinus and respiratory symptoms appear to be gone. We dealt with a toe infection and diarrhea last week, but that's nothing compared with the constant illnesses for the past year. It becomes seriously stressful not being able to console the almost constant cries of a sick infant.

Anyway, to all the moms out there who have a sick child, I will not tell you that it will be over soon. My husband and I became so tired of hearing that phrase. I think people mean well, but they most likely haven't had a sick child of their own to deal with. I will say, though, that for us, we know we will be much more compassionate with parents who have chronically sick children. We would even like to make sure we help them have time to themselves with such things like coupons to go out to eat (sick children run up medical bills quickly, even with just co-pays).

I feel like God has blessed me so much with this wonderful family and I can't wait to meet the new little one. Thanks to all of you who have written with support for the column and stay at home moms. Most of you are moms at home yourselves and from the sounds of your letters are doing a fabulous job of making sure your children know they are the most important "work" in your lives.

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